Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful? Time to find out!


Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful? Time to find out!

When you visit Ukraine you will notice several things: The beautiful architecture, stunning landscapes and mesmerizing looks of the Ukrainian women. These are the well-known beauties of Ukraine, yet it surprises many new visitors each year when they visit the country.

So, how come Ukrainian women look so gorgeous? And how is it different compared to Western countries, culture and tradition? In this article “Beauties of Ukraine. Why Ukraine woman are so beautiful?”, I will explain the possible contributing factors. Let’s find out if there is more to the Ukrainian woman then meets the eye.

Beauties of Ukraine: Culture and tradition

When you speak to a Ukrainian person you will know instantly that “family” is their first priority. Most Ukrainians grew up in an environment focused on high family values and unity. A tight family was beneficial during the communist regime as everybody supported each on a social and financial level. This differs a lot from the more liberal approach in most Western countries.

How you might ask? Well, it is normal to live with your parents till you get married in the Ukraine. They will support you all the way and once you move in with a partner it changes. Moving out for college, work or the university is not very common, due to high rental prices and low salaries. Whilst in Europe it is normal to move out for college or university.

This certainly does not mean that young Ukrainian women are not independent. The woman focus more on the family whilst the man focuses on the finances and the work. This might look like a traditional relationship, but even with this structure the Ukrainian woman is still career orientated.

How does this relate to the looks of Ukrainian women? As family is number one they will do everything in their power to keep it together, Being attractive for your partner is an important aspect in any relationship, but due to the previous communist regime the Ukraine it was more important than ever before. These are the fundamentals of dating in Ukraine.

Communist regime

When Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, it was under a strict communist regime. A poor economy, high unemployment numbers, low salaries and ongoing negative political situations pushed a lot of people into period of desperate times. The army selected and deployed many Ukrainian men during the war. This resulted in a lot of casualties, that created a huge gap between the male:female ratio in the country. A lot of mothers lost their son’s, children their fathers and wives their husbands.

But without the male financial support it was also very difficult to survive in this harsh environment. Therefore, many women tried to find a new partner. Unfortunate, due to the big difference in sex ratio the competition was very high. If you did not look your best there was a big chance you would not find a man and with that very little to no support. The men that did came home did develop serious medical issues as a result of the bad economy and after effects of the war. With the most well-known documented issue being alcoholism.

Male to Female Ratio in Ukraine
Ukraine: Male to female ratio of the total population

Fall of the Soviet Union

With the fall of the Soviet union in December of 1991, Ukraine became an independent country. Now 25 years later, the ratio between male and female is still seeing the effect of the Soviet period. Due to high competition, the women will try their best to look their absolute best, It even becomes a part of their  parenting and education.

It will take several generations for the ratio to be in balance again. Fortunately, with the rise of the internet you will see more and more relationships flourish between foreigners and Ukrainian women. And with great success, I might say!

Looking back in history

If you look back in Ukrainian history you can see that the country has been invaded several times by powerful races like the Mongols, Poles, Khazars, Russians, Lithuanians and Turks. And if you look even further will see that Ukrainian has been a hot-sport for civilizations. Due to their rich resources, the Neanderthals even stayed for 44,000 year! They early Slavs also started their expansion in Ukraine. This mixture of blood and genes would definitely contribute to the looks and beauties of Ukraine women.

We might never know the exact reason is why Ukrainian women are so beautiful. The image we have today of the beauties of Ukraine is most likely formed by all the above. If you want to start dating but you do not know how? Check out our blog post: How To Approach Online Dating in Ukraine




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