Your Secret Guide to Girls of Ukraine – How to Date Ukrainian Women?


Your Secret Guide to Girls of Ukraine – How to date Ukrainian Women?

“Have you always been fascinated on how to meet girls from the Ukraine?”

“Have their kind personalities ,combined with stunning beauty, mesmerized you?”

“Having difficulties finding useful dating information online without the feeling of being scammed?”

I understand.

These days it is not easy to find correct information online on how to date girls of Ukraine. There are over a million dating websites and most of them use fake profile pictures and photos to scam people out of their hard-earned money. unfortunately, it happens a lot.

Thankfully, that is about to change!


In this guide I will take you inside the dating culture of Ukraine and show you all the “need-to-know” tips and tricks on how to successfully date a Ukrainian women. These are the lessons I have learned over the last 4 years and trust me when I tell you that dating a Ukrainian woman is a pleasant experience.

Read the chapters carefully, and If you have any questions or comments, please leave it in the below section!

Let’s get started!

Introduction to girls of the Ukraine

meet girls of ukraine

Where to meet Ukrainian Women?

Meeting the beautiful girls from Ukraine is an easy task.

With easy I mean the following: If you ever visited Ukraine you will notice that in almost every village, city, region or province the woman look absolutely stunning!! 

You might think you walked on to a movie-set, but they really do their best to represent themselves in a great matter. 

If it is your first time traveling I recommend you stay at one of the following three cities of Ukraine: Lviv, Kiev or Odessa. 

Why the big cities?

It is a lot easier to travel to the smaller places and these 3 cities have great venue’s to meet new people. 

There is one thing you need to do before you travel to Ukraine. I highly recommend you start making contact with people before your visit.


It is a lot easier to meet up with people you already know. Remember, you are in a foreign country and you do not speak (or maybe a little) the local language.

Each of the large cities have a lot of organised social events, like pub crawls, tours, cuisine events, wine tours etc etc.

But your number rule should be to meet people right away. It will make your precious time in Ukraine a lot more fun.

If you need more information you can read my other guides here: how to meet girls in Odessa and where to meet girls in Kiev.

Legitimate Ukrainian Online Dating Sites

I recommend you start meeting people through an online dating site if you never visited Ukraine before or have very limited international travel experience.

It is quick, free and gives you a bit of an idea on what is out there. I am sure you are not interested in traveling to a foreign country and being stuck for twee weeks all by yourself. So get your profile online asap!

To get started you can visit Ukraine Date and sign up for a free profile. From there you can scroll through different profile pages and see if you can make some connections. Even a paid membership is just a few bucks and trust me that it will be a lot cheaper checking Ukraine Date, compared to traveling to Ukraine alone and unprepared.

Click Here To Meet Girls From Ukraine Online For Free!

Thankfully, all profiles are checked on validated, so you do not have to worry about scammers, but there are of course a set of rules you should follow when it comes to meeting people online. 

Use Ukraine Date in combination with Tinder (paid or free) and you will definitely meet some amazing Ukrainian girls! 

The Dating Culture in Ukraine

girls of ukraine

Good job! You have found a great match during your online dating efforts, or met this wonderful girl on one of you travels in Ukraine.

You are excited and getting ready to go out and see if you are connecting on a more personal level, but did you know that dating the best Ukrainian girls might be a very different experience than back home?

I understand that dating cute Ukrainian girls, or anybody from a different country, language and culture, might sound a bit scary at the beginning – but it actually is a wonderful experience.

One question I do get asked a lot is:

Are Ukrainian girls easy?

I have a very simple answer for that: No. 

Do you best, act like a gentleman and if you are lucky you will find a great date that will be willing to do almost anything for you once you have built a trustworthy relationship. If you are just in it for the fun they will spot that from miles away and it will not work.  

Cultural differences when dating girls in Ukraine

If you thought dating was already hard in your home country, you are in for a surprise! Especially when you start dating somebody from a different country and culture.

An innocent gesture or a funny word might actually mean the total opposite in another culture and that can cause some serious awkward moments.

It is important to stay relax and use common sense when talking to your date. Keep it easy-going and fun and just overall have a good time. Casual dating is not an issue as not all Ukrainian woman looking for marriage right away.

The Do’s of dating Ukraine Girls

Let’s get right away to the important stuff, shall we? We made an overview of important gestures that will leave you with a great first impression. These are important rules for the typical Ukrainian women, so pay close attention!

  • Make an effort: When dating a Ukraine girl you know she will do everything in her power to look her best for you. It would be a good idea to make the same effort and wear your nice clothes. Get a clean shave/trim and a good haircut. A great aftershave will also work wonders and will give you extra kudos if that slow dance on that romantic song does appear later in the evening.
  • Bring flowers: Yes, it might sound a bit old-fashioned, but Ukrainian girls like ol’ gentlemanship and bringing flowers will definitely increase your brownie points! Just make sure you know beforehand what her favorite flowers are, because then you can catch two birds with one stone.
  • Pay for the first date: Unless the date is a total disaster I would recommend paying for the first date. When dating Ukraine girls it is not important that you bring her to the most fancy restaurant or spend hundreds of dollars on trips and gifts, but that you show sincere interest in her as a person.

But also:

  • Traditions: Traditional values still have a strong uphold in the Ukrainian culture and if you do not want to come across as a cheap person, I recommend paying the bill. Also keep in mind that going out in Ukraine is very cheap compared to Western Europe and the United States.
  • Be a gentleman: Assist her with everything. Close and open doors, take her jacket and help her with sitting in the chair. These are all small gestures, but they will surely make a great impact on her.
  • Be yourself: I understand that a date can be a bit overwhelming as most Ukrainian girls are very beautiful. You might think that she is out of your league, but keep in mind that she is on a date with you! Act confident, kind and everything will be fine.

The power of compliments

Give her compliments! But no more than 3 during a date. Why only three? I like to think that during a date there should be a good balance. If you do not give any compliments you come of as a jerk, but if you give to many you might send of a vibe that you can be a bit clingy.

Tell her how great she looks when you first so each other. This way you acknowledge all the hard work she has done to look her best for this date. It is also a great ice-breaker!

Second time in the middle of your date when she told you an interesting story or remark and the last one at the end of the evening saying you had a wonderful time together.

This shows a good balance and you will not come across too strong or arrogant on your first date.

But make sure the compliment is sincere and that they are directed towards something. If she has a beautiful dress or stunning hair, you should mention it. And if she tells about her charity work or other skills, make compliments towards that.

Don’t make a totally unrelated compliment like “You are beautiful” when she is discussion a totally different subject. It just shows her that you were not listing to hear story at all.

The Don’ts of dating Ukraine Girls

Listen up guys, because the following Don’ts can end your date very quickly. Of course, this does not mean you can never make a mistake, but if the situation does occur be a man about it and apologize about your behavior.

If it is the first time she might be ok with it, as she also understands that it is easy to get lost in translation.

  • Prices: Do not mention prices or how expensive the date is. Check before hand how much you want to spend and if something is too expensive just don’t do it. The worst thing you can do is complain that the food is too expensive. It shows that you are not willing to make an effort and you will come of as cheap and unprepared.
  • Keep it simple: Keep in mind that most Ukrainian girls do not care if you take them to a 5-start restaurant. Just find something nice in your price range and enjoy your evening!
  • Family: Talking bad about family values is also an unpleasant move. If you ever met a Ukrainian person you will know instantly that family is number one. Birthdays, holidays and many more occasions are celebrated together and she will be looking for these values in a future partner.

Do not forget:

  • Don’t be selfish: Being selfish during the date is another big turn off. Make sure you show genuine interest in her ambitions, career and lifestyle. Do not forget that she needs to do the same for you. It is a two-way street after all.
  • No ex-girlfriends: Do not bring up ex-girlfriends or other dates. Nobody is interested in your previous experiences and it shows her that you are still busy with other things.
  • Future: Not ready for a steady future. We all understand that your career is not set in stone and thinks can change in the future. And that is just fine! But if you mention you don’t want children or don’t believe in long-term relationships it won’t work.

And there you have it. The most important “Do’s and don’ts of dating Ukraine girls” and hopefully they will help you on your next date.

I always like to remind you that these are just guidelines and that as long as you be yourself, act friendly and make a good effort you already on the right track to having a great time!

What languages do they speak in Ukraine?

girls of ukraine

Picture this! After days of scrolling through several dating sites you finally meet your dream girl.

She is smart, funny, beautiful and… you guessed it .. not speaking any English! But what if you had this amazing connection? And who knows, she might be the one?

Oh boy, is dating girls of Ukraine really this hard?

Not really, keep reading!

To be honest, it really isn’t. Yes, you will meet Ukraine girls who do not speak English, but also a lot them do. When I first met my girlfriend on a business trip she spoke very little English and I did not speak any Russian/Ukrainian.

And after 3 years together, she spoke fluent English and I was doing pretty well with my Russian. It won’t be the easiest route when it comes to building a relationship, but it is totally worth it.

I will show you which steps I followed to make sure that a language barrier has  little influence in your future relationship,

Step by step, word by word

Ah, isn’t a new love an amazing thing? Several times per day you will look at her pictures and your chat log and think: I should have started dating Ukraine women a long time ago!

But how do you really get to know each other when you speak a different language. It might be a bit tricky at the beginning, but you will get the hang of it real soon.

Using a translator

Using a translator during your chat- and FaceTime sessions is a great idea. There are several good applications available like Google Translate or Yandex Translate. 

Always mention that you are using a translator as some sentences might look very strange when directly translated. She will be ok with it, as she will be using the application as well. It can even create some funny moments when you are getting to know each other.

Learning English or Russian?

If you really want to make it easy for each other you will invest some time into learning each others language.

Actually, this is a very romantic idea as your study partner is also the girl you are interested in. Win-win right? You will definitely score some brownie points here if you make an effort to learn her language as well.

Now which language you want to start with is totally up to you, but if you have to make the choice I would recommend Russian over Ukrainian.

This mind sound a bit weird, but hear me out:

(Source: Globalstate)

The Russian language is spoken by 166 million people compared to the 46 million that speak Ukrainian. If you learn Russian you will be able to use it in a lot more countries than Ukraine.

For example, Belarus, the Baltic states, Georgia and all the popular tourist destinations like Thailand, Turkey and Egypt. Sounds good right?

I wrote down a list my favorite tools and courses to learn a foreign language. I speak Dutch, French, German, Russian, English and Spanish now by using this method. Dutch and English on native & professional level, but all the others at casual conversation level.

And to be honest, that is all you need when talking to your new lovely girlfriend.

The rest will follow!

Learn Russian with the Michel Thomas Method

Lets get straight to the point. Even though I got my university degrees, I absolutely hate the traditional method of studying. I am a practical person and the only reason why I passed all my exams, was because of a book my mom got me about Mind Mapping & Speed reading.

I figured out very quickly that visualization is a very powerful tool when learning a new skill, including a foreign language.

How does it work?

When you learn a new language I like to use the “newspapers method” to get good & quick results.

This method basically teaches you to only learn words and phrases that you will read in the newspaper. After all, those will be the words you will use mostly in a daily setting.

This is more or less 1000 to 1500 words.

Michael Thomas uses this principle as well. This is what they say about their course:

“During the course, you will join Michel Thomas Method teacher Natasha Bershadski and two students in a live lesson, learning from both their successes and their mistakes to keep you motivated and involved throughout the course.

You, as the learner, become the third student and participate actively in the class. Within the very first hour you will be able to construct simple phrases by listening and thinking out answers for yourself without the pressure of writing or memorizing. You learn through your own language, so there’s no stress, and no anxiety. You’ll stick with it because you’ll love it.”

Why is this method so successful?

The course focuses almost completely on speaking and repeating, instead of writing and memorizing.

It was very easy for me to visualize certain conversations in my head and link them to the material that Michel Thomas was teaching me.

How does that work exactly, you might think? well, let me explain:

If the lesson was about asking directions to the city and  train station, I would visualize myself at such a place and having a conversation about that subject with a person I know.

When you link a certain image to the conversation it will be much easier to remember. Till this day I can still remember certain images that I have used during my university years.

That is the power of visualization and mind-mapping and has direct to link to the following quote: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

On You-Tub you can find an example of the course material. Relax your mind, close your eyes and try a lesson or two and see how quickly you pick up basic Russian.

The Power of You-Tube

Remember that your language teacher always said that you should watch a tv-show or movie in the language you want to learn?

This method actually works pretty good, but only with certain tv-shows. Can you guess what it is? No? Well, it might be a surprise to you but they are actually kids tv-shows!

“What is so specials about kids tv-shows?” , you asked? You might not like it, but when you start learning a new language you are like a kid. Therefore, you need to start all the way from the bottom and learn words and sentences that a toddler would earn.

The pace and basic vocabulary are a great way to build a solid Russian foundation that you can use in everyday live.

When you combine the Michel Thomas  Courses & You-Tube your Russian knowledge will increase drastic.

But don’t forget to most fun way to learn your new language: Practicing with your new Ukrainian girlfriend!

Is it Safe to Travel to Ukraine?

girls of ukraine

Ukraine has become a save place to visit over the years, but we do recommend to avoid an unnecessary or even dangerous situations.

Always carry a valid ID with you and keep in mind that corruption is a big part of the Ukrainian culture and it happens almost at any level. I did not have any issues when it comes to corruption as foreigner living in Ukraine, but it is good to be prepared.

Scammers are mostly active in the big cities and it is very important to meet new people in a natural and comfortable environment. 

Ukraine is like any other country. You can have a great time without any trouble if you just use common sense.

Final words

Hopefully this article helped you get a better understanding on how to meet and interact with the girls from Ukraine. I understand it might be a bit overwhelming, but just use my guides, common sense and you are good to go. 

If you need some more information on the actual interactive part of your dates, please check my blog post : How To Pick Up Girls In Ukraine – I Asked The Locals  

If you like to receive my guidelines, tips and tricks on how to successfully meet gorgeous Ukrainian women for free, please sign up to our newsletter.

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