how to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you

How to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you? – It might surprise you!


How to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you?

If you are considering dating Ukrainian women, you’ve come to the right place. As a dating expert, I have years of experience in helping men build relationships with Ukrainian women. In this article, I’ll share tips on how to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you. Understanding these signals can help you navigate the dating world and potentially build a lasting connection.

How can you tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you? From the way she flirts with you to the sparkle in her eyes when she looks at you, this article breaks down the subtle signs that can indicate a Ukrainian girl’s interest. Additionally, it highlights the importance of paying attention to her body language, as well as the way she interacts with you, to gain a deeper understanding of her feelings. By being aware of these signs and responding accordingly, you can navigate the complex world of dating and build a successful relationship with a Ukrainian girl.

She begins to flirt with you

One of the biggest symptoms that a Ukrainian girl is TOTALLY into you, is when she starts flirting strong. And with strong I mean STRONG!

Trust me – you will notice it right away, but overall it does not happen very often when dating in Ukraine. It does help if she had a drink or two, but keep in mind that if she is not that flirty yet, it might still come. Give it time, you will notice it right away when it is on. 😉

Sometimes though – The girl may be treating you well, but at the same time just perceiving you as just a friend. She may smile at you and be gladly talking to you but she will hardly get into the flirting mode. If this happens – Just kindly end the conversation and move on.

She is trying to touch you

If you are thinking about having dates with women from Ukraine and want to always be sure of the right kind of signs of their positive outlook towards you, then notice if they are touching you or not.  If the girl gets close to you during the conversation  and very often keeps touching you casually using her hand – this is a clear indication that your date has taken a liking towards you.

She has dilated pupiles

It is very easy to read what a girl is thinking or feeling – all her emotions and feelings are shown in her eyes. If you find her eyes cold and calm, it would mean that you better not hope for something to happen that you have been dreaming about. So then, how do you tell if a girl has taken a liking towards you?

If the girl has really taken a liking towards you, then you will be able to see feelings such as admiration, tenderness, passion and adoration in her eyes. Pay very close attention at the pupils of the girl: if she has found you exciting, her pupils will have a slight hint of dilation. If the girl is very self-confident and is apt at taking initiatives in her relationships, then you will be able to see a hint of a frank call in her eyes.

Such come-hither looks are very intimate and filled with passion. And how about shy girls, how do you know if they like you? She will try to sneak out a look at you, and she will be unable to stop herself from keep doing that. You will need to take the lead in such cases.

She asked you to help her out

If the girl is really into liking you, she will try to get your help with something. She will play her “lady in need” card which is one of the oldest and the most effective tricks in the book. If she is complaining that she is feeling cold, she might be hinting that she needs you to offer her your jacket. Now of course, if she refuses even on your offering, it would mean that she probably is feeling really cold, but she does not need you or your chivalry.

If she is worried that she has a broken switch, bike, curtain rail, she will seek your help in repairing them. Well, maybe she is not really looking for help from you. She may just be seeking your attention.

I am sure that won’t be a problem right? Attention from a hot Ukrainian girl! 😉

She is teasing you

When you were kids, most likely, you engaged in teasing girls, more so the ones to whom you were not being indifferent.  Now, we are not recommending that to the best way of increasing or boosting your self-confidence. The situation however has not changed by much as it still works the same with adults.

A woman who constantly pokes fun at your tastes in music, the shoes you wear, or your so terrible love for the cheesy and cheap television shows may actually be trying hard to get you engaged in a short-spirited discussion on anything. This may be akin to some kind of a slight foreplay.

She tried to help you out!

If you are seriously thinking about dating girls from Ukraine, you should keep looking for signs that make it clear to you that the Ukrainian girl is interested in you and wants you to take further steps. Here is one more sign to look for. She will put in all she has into helping you with the easiest of the tasks, like getting a glass of water for you or maybe get engaged in a task full of pleasure.

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  1. This is a tough issue. I met Anna on a site two years ago and we have communicated for many months via tablet phones. Now for the first time I will be meeting her in Ukraine in August, 2019. She has mentioned numerous times that she has no interest in marriage as she had a very bad marriage previously by a Ukrainian man! I never brought up marriage anyway; at least, not yet. She is a very attractive, industrious, educated and very strong willed. She was a business owner; in this case a very nice cafe. I on the other hand am older, wealthy and am retired from the US Air Force and US Government. We will meet for the first time; however, she will be bringing her older sister to accompany her while visiting. This will be a six day event. I am an American living in Arizona. Our cultures are very different. I have accepted the expenses; in this case a luxury vehicle, hotel rooms for each of us, and the expense of buying gifts for her and her family. I have over the past year aided her in many financial ways; sometimes money for rent, jewelry, etc! I have heard stories about how Ukrainian women can be very devious as well as dishonest. I do not think Anna is trying to take advantage of me! She mentioned that she has bought me a gift on our first meeting. I am not sure what to get her for a gift that she would appreciate. I need a response on that. Flowers are a must on first meetings, but of course I can’t bring flowers on an airplane! I would assume that she is bringing her sister for this six day visit as a chaperone to “protect” her? I assure you that my intentions are honorable! Overall, this is going to be a unique “adventure” for me and what will come of it is unknown. She is very family oriented and I am convinced I am the first American she has ever interacted with. We are very different in many ways but to bridge the gap, it will take a lot of patience and finesse on my part to prove that intentions are honorable. This meeting may not consummate a relationship but time will tell I am sure. What are your recommendations on this matter.

    1. Hi Rance,

      That is an interesting story. How long have you been talking and what is the age gap? If you already send money before the first meet and pay everything for her sister, I think you are getting scammed. Luxury vehicle and jewelry?

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