Dating Ukrainian Women for Dummies – Free Advice From A Pro!


Dating Ukrainian Women for Dummies – Why so many men make these classic mistakes!

Lets get to the point, shall we? Ukrainian women are absolutely stunning. Period! I am guessing that the reason why you are reading this blog post is because you have discovered how charming, beautiful, fun and let’s not forget (…) sexy Eastern European women can be.

Especially beautiful Ukrainian women!

Let me tell you that you are about to find out why this indeed the case. I have been living since 2014 in the Ukraine working as an international business consultant between East and West.

And guess what?

I have been dating smoking hot Ukrainian women over the last few years. After experiencing the Ukrainian culture I am here to give you guys some valuable lessons on how to successfully start dating Ukraine singles and have a blast doing so.

Switch of that You-Tube channel, pick up a pen and a piece of paper and start making notes! 

The secret tips I am about to give you will blow your mind!

Why Are Ukrainian Women so Beautiful?

Ukraine hotties
I swear to god – This is a common sight in any Ukrainian city. Stunning, right?

Hands down the number one question I got asked almost everyday by my mates back home in the US and UK.

After I moved to Kiev in 2014, not one of my mates believed me when I was sending them pictures of the most gorgeous ukrainian ladies from either work, my social life or from the party scene.

I remember hearing them say:

Dude, get the (…) out of here! Surely that is a promotional girl or a prostitute! No way does you ugly face hang out with so many cute Ukrainian girls

Don’t you just love your friends? They always seem to pick out your physical flaws and discredit your dating accomplishments within one sentence!

Anyway – To be honest, I could not even blame them. When I arrived in Kiev for the first time I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Of course, I had heard the stories that Eastern European Women are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world, but even I had no idea what to expect on my first weekend out in the capital.

So let me try to explain why Ukraine chicks are indeed absolutely breathtaking

Looks Are Everything For Your Ukraine Girl

Ok ok, it might sounds a bit like a shallow remark – but it is no secret that any beautiful Ukraine girl most likely will start paying attention to her looks from a very young age.

Due to the shortage of men in the former Soviet-Union period, it has always been taught that a Ukraine girl must look her best to secure herself a husband as early as possible.

She would focus on the family and children, whilst the Ukrainian men would focus on work and providing the financial cashflow to keep everything in check.

Currently, the ratio male:female is becoming more balanced, but the culture of looking your best at all times still remains and probably will for a very long time.

The strong presence of the feminine aspects is something most Western men miss in their current relationships. High heels, tight bodies, great make-up and beautiful long hair is something you will encounter daily when walking the streets of any Ukrainian cities.

A pretty Ukrainian lady can be found almost anywhere – Parks, clubs, malls, shops and bars. You will feel like you walked on a movie-set. It is just that common.

Funny fact for our older readers. Even if you are 50+ and looking for a new relationship or date you will see that even the old Ukrainian women still look 20 years younger compared to their Western competition. True story!

Where do I meet Ukrainian singles?

Ukrainian women
God, I love Odessa! The beaches are full with beautiful Ukrainian babes!

Ah, yes – The golden question all my mates all of a sudden want an answer to after they found out that all those hot Ukrainian girls were indeed real.

With the current political situation in Ukraine I have had most success dating the best Ukrainian ladies in cities Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and Vinnytsia.

I you like to learn more about the Kiev nightlife and how to approach Kiev girls you should check out my blog post on How to Meet Kiev Women. Without going into too much detail but you will see why dating Kiev ladies is a whole different ballgame then Odessa women.

Now it might not come to you as a surprise, but if you read some of my blog posts you will notice that the beach-town of Odessa is my favorite place to pick up Odessa girls and have a wonderful time in the clubs and bars.

Thankfully, I also wrote a crazy long blog post on How To Meet The Most Beautiful Odessa Girls where I show you how I picked up two hot Ukrainian girls.

I am still working on my Vinnytsia and Lviv blog posts. These two cities are great for city trips when you are already in serious relationship but not the best places to find a Ukrainian girlfriend.

That would only work if you already hang-out with people who you know or met through an online dating site. You will see these cities are more based on culture and less on big nightclubs and disco’s.

But that does not mean you can not have a crazy good time there! You just need to approach it differently compared to Kiev and Odessa if you want to meet Ukrainian ladies.

How to date Eastern European Girls from Ukraine?

typical ukrainian women

It is only logical that my mates would follow-up with this question. After they found out that all the hot Ukrainian ladies were indeed real and I had told them where they could meet Ukrainian singles it is only logical that the next questions would like to know on how to date one.

To tell you the truth – Dating foreign women is tricky!

Depending on your situation you can be dealing with language barriers, culture difference and an age gap that all contribute to how successful your dating game will be with the beautiful Ukrainian ladies.

I recommend you read my blog post on How to Date a Ukrainian Woman for more detailed information. If you are in a hurry let me summarize it in a quick overview:

The do’s are to be confident, always bring flowers on a date (important one) and make sure you pay for the first date. They might sound simple, but if you read the blog post you will find out that many guys made huge mistakes when dating Ukrainian ladies and certainly lost out big-time due to stupid silly mistakes.

That brings met to the don’ts; talk about the cost of your date, talk bad about the family or forget to compliment her on how she looks.

Trust me when I tell you – A good preparation is half the battle.

Even when you are dating the most beautiful Ukrainian girl!

Best Ukraine Dating Sites

Odessa girls

Pay attention – because this chapter could literally save you a lot of time, effort and most importantly M-O-N-E-Y! Finding the love of your love on the world-wide web is a very common thing these days. Because of this reason online Ukrainian dating websites have become extremely popular.

Unfortunate – It is because of this popularity that a lot of Western men have falling into the trap of being scammed and some of them have reported to have lost thousands of dollars in the process.

Fear not – As promised I would show you the secrets on how to avoid being scammed  and explain to you how you can enjoy a nice online chat with Ukrainian ladies.

If you have some extra time you should certainly check out my overview of the best Ukraine Dating Sites of 2018 – but if you are again in hurry let me show you the one and only legitimate Ukrainian dating site.

You are ready?

The website currently with the best reviews and least amount of scams is Ukraine Date – I love to recommend this website because it is pretty straight forward and does not come with any hidden costs. There are two memberships (1 month and 3 months) you can choose from and you are ready to go.

But guess what? – You can sign up for free with Ukraine Date and start meeting pretty Ukraine women from the get go!

Most other websites are full of scammers and dodgy profiles. Again, read my other blog post to find out more about these traps or check out our best-selling E-book – Eastern Promises – How to Crush Your Ukrainian Online Dating Game!

Marrying a Ukrainian Woman – Is it a good idea?


Ok, you have been dating a few Ukraine hotties – but maybe you are looking for a more serious relationship or even a Ukraine wife.

Most men who ask me this questions are a bit older and interested in something long-term. Despite your age preference you will see that plenty of Ukrainian women are seeking men to get married with.

With this thought in mind you should focus early in your dating game on finding that special girl and see if she share your thoughts on starting a family together and focussing on a bright future.

Now I know what you are thinking – Ukraine, marriage, brides … Are you talking about the infamous Ukraine mail order business that supposedly ships Eastern European girls to the other side of the world. And marry a bunch of old-farts with too much money?

(…) no! – This is not same medieval time where you can just ship the most beautiful Ukrainian women to the other side of the world, get married and life happy ever after under your strict regime.

Thankfully, these days women have much more rights and if you wish to you to find the best Ukraine girl for marriage you need to invest, invest and invest. And with invest I mean capital, time and effort.

If not – Well, let’s say you will be an easy target for the scammers out there and in a year or so you will be sending me a message saying; Sh*t, you were right. I should have put more effort into it.

What about a Ukraine Dating Agency?

I can give you a short answer for this: No!

We live in a digital world where all information is available with the touch of a button. You do not need a Ukraine dating service to be successful in dating those Ukrainian babes. Traveling in a group full of desperate men to each city is something from the past.

Take control, ready all the free information you can get from this blog, start a profile on Ukraine Date and use my E-book Eastern Promises and you are good to go for less than 60 USD.

That is a lot cheaper than those expensive blind-date trips that start at 2000 USD per person. Heck, some of these Ukraine dating services even charge you a 250 USD sign-up fee. For what? – Screw that!

Final Words

And there you go! Use these great tips and within no-time you have those Ukrainian babes on your speed-dial. Make sure you are prepared and with a good game-plan.

The solid game-plan to meet your future Ukraine girlfriend (or wife!):

  1. Read as many blog post as you can on Go Dating Ukraine.
  2. Click Here To Meet gorgeous Ukrainian women on real Ukraine dating sites
  3. Get your copy of my best-selling E-book – Eastern Promises – How to Crush Your Ukrainian Online Dating Game!
  4. Fly to Ukraine and have a blast

And last but not least – E-mail me anytime if you have any questions. I started this blog for fun and so far I have been able to consult 1000’s of guys on how to start dating in Ukraine. It will not cost you a penny!

Good luck!

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