beautiful ukrainian women

​Most Beautiful Ukrainian Women In The World


Most Beautiful Ukrainian Women In The World

Ukraine has always been one of the most attractive European girls among foreign men and for some obvious reasons. First, you got some of the most beautiful girls in the world – similar to the famous Russian beauties, but not so picky and pretentious.

Second, visiting Ukraine is an inexpensive experience. You do not need a fortune to go out, meet hotties and buy drinks. Whether you go there on holiday with the boys or you are planning to move, chances are Ukraine will impress you with its simplicity and beauty.

Now, what exactly should you know about Ukrainian ladies before getting there?

beautiful ukrainian women


Famous Ukrainian Women – Beauty Standards

If you are European, you might be aware of Ukraine’s situation when it comes to women. As a foreigner, you may not be familiar with its popularity, but there are a few certain names that can give you some hints.

Milla Jovovich is known for starring in a few blockbusters, as well as her beautiful eyes and exquisite beauty – one of the sexiest women in the world. Ruslana won the Eurovision contest in 2004 and gained popularity all over Europe and not just for her singing skills.

Mila Kunis is worth some attention too – Justin Timberlake’s former wife is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

On a superficial note, Ukraine has no middle class when it comes to women. You have 4s and 9s. Many girls look like the girl of your dreams, while others look like your aunts – and not the hot ones. To make things even better, Ukraine is not part of the European Union, which means locals need visas to leave the country. Many of them have never done it, so you will be an exotic fruit that every girl would love to spend time with.

Features of Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian beauties are similar to Russians. In other words, they tend to have long legs and slender bodies. They are slim and toned and they take pride in their looks.

They know they look good, but it does not mean they overlook their style. In fact, they will always try their best to look even better. They have their curves in the right places – both front and back, yet many of them are skinny.

When it comes to facial features, expect big expressive eyes and full lips. Many of them are blond, but you will also find a fair amount of brunettes. If you are into redheads, there are not too many natural ones. Their eyes are usually blue.

Ukraine is one of the countries with a high gap between genders. There are far more women than men. For this reason, every girl tries to look better than her competition.

On a side note, men have no sense of fashion, so do not be surprised to see a 9 supermodel in an elegant dress walking in a club with a man wearing jeans and a hoodie.

In other words, being a foreigner will give you a great advantage over local men. Put a bit of style on by dressing casual smart and girls will throw themselves at your feet.

You need to keep it classic, so be a gentleman – open the door for her, be polite to the waiter, but masculine enough to show her that you are strong. With these ideas in mind, there are no reasons to fail.

Best Cities to Meet Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian girls are everywhere, but the highest concentration is in large cities. Kharkiv is one of the most impressive ones. It is said that hundreds of years ago, some queen sent all the beautiful girls in the kingdom to Kharkiv, only to ensure that she would be the most beautiful lady around.

Kharkiv was a ghetto back then, so sending girls there was a punishment. Obviously, their genes remained in the area, hence the plethora of beautiful ladies – more impressive than the capital Kiev.

Just like any other capital, Kiev is also a top city when it comes to meeting beautiful Ukrainian women. It is large and has people from all over the world. On another hand, Chernivtsi is smaller and less known among tourists, but it is often referred to as the Little Vienna.

Not only is it beautiful, but girls swarm its streets. The same rule applies to Lviv – a city with an impressive architecture in the eastern part of Ukraine, as well as plenty of beauties.

Generally speaking, big cities make a good bet. Not everyone in Ukraine can speak English, so you want cities with universities and more educated people, rather than small towns. You have a much higher chance to score then.

girls from kiev

Dating Guidance in Ukraine

Girls in Ukraine tend to marry fast, in their early 20s. Therefore, they are more into relationships, but given your exotic profile, chances are you will have many one night stand opportunities as well. The Ukraine nightlife is probably the best option when it comes to one night stands.

Other than that, the game is on all the time. Head to shopping malls and city center cafés during the day and hunt the city center nightclubs at night.

Girls are traditional in Ukraine, so they expect you to be a classic gentleman. Most young girls speak decent English, especially in big cities.

If you are up for a long relationship, be aware of the Ukrainian bride scams, which basically involve tours of unmarried beauties who can speak English. Some of them are scams – none of them wants to marry you, but they will get a commission for participating to this whole show.

So, what are the best ways to meet women then? Go there and approach them on the street or simply go online.

For more information check out my 4000 word “Dating in Ukraine” Guideline. It has helped thousands of readers find their perfect Ukrainian woman.

how to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you

Bottom Line

In the end, girls from Ukraine belong to a different breed. You would not believe all the hype around them before getting there. Once there, you will be surprised by how beautiful they are and how easy it is to hook up.​