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Meet Ukrainian Girls in Odessa – How To Date & Mate With Women From Odessa!


Odessa women – How To Date & Mate With Girls From Odessa!

If you ever planned to do a trip to Ukraine, I am sure the city name of Odessa has popped up several times. This beautiful historic city is located right next to Black Sea and is a popular local tourist destination for Ukrainian women. Every summer you can see hundreds of beautiful girls from Odessa parading the famous Potemkin stairs trying to get that perfect photo.

Tight dresses, high heels, a beautiful tan and long silky hair is common sight around during the summer. It has become the second most popular destination for foreign men (next to Kiev) to meet and date with single Ukrainian girls.

In this guide I will show you my secret tips on how to become a pro in dating Odessa women.

What kind of tips? 

  • How and where to meet girls in Odessa
  • What are the best beaches to meet Odessa women
  • Where to eat and how to enjoy the Odessa nightlife and party in the best beach bars
  • The best Russian courses and local dating sites

And much more..!

So, if you want to spend your summer meeting new people, relaxing on the beach and having a wonderful time, Odessa is the summer destination for you!

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Welcome to Odessa

The old port city Odessa is the second most popular city in Ukraine and located at the Black Sea in southern Ukraine. It is known for its stunning 19th century architecture, the best beaches of Ukraine, great restaurants and of course beautiful Ukrainian women.

During the summer temperatures can reach up to 32 degrees Celsius, which makes the beaches of the Black Sea a great spot to cool down.

I have visited Odessa during winter and summer. I prefer the city in the summer as the vibrant nightlife and long days at the beach is something I really enjoy. During the winter there is not much to do – but during Christmas time the city does come alive.

How to get there?

With its own airport, Odessa is easy accessible by plane or train. They have connecting flights almost daily from Istanbul or Kiev and it is about 8 hours by train from Kiev.

If you need a transfer from Odessa Airport to the city center I always recommend you book a legitimate taxi service. If you will try to find a taxi on the spot you will be charged at least 200% more.

Why? – Let’s just say it is very easy for the local taxi drivers  to spot the foreign faces.

Therefore, make sure you book your taxi before you land to avoid any trouble.

How to Meet girls in Odessa?

Yes,  I know. This question (and its answer) is why you started reading this blog post, right?

I like to include some extra information about picking up Ukrainian girls in Odessa. If you are looking to meet a nice person, learn how to talk to girls in Odessa I have two favorite places to do so: The beach and Derybasivska Street.

I will show you on which beach in Odessa I meet two beautiful girls and what restaurants we visited during my stay. If you are still new to dating in Ukraine, I recommend you read this blog post about understanding Ukrainian women.

I covers all the basic about the local dating culture in Ukraine and how you can benefit from this a foreigner. A must-read if you are just getting started!

Having said that it is time to explore Odessa!

A quick tip:

Relax, have fun, talk and act like a gentleman and make sure you show genuine interest when talking to Ukrainian women.You might not find your perfect match right away, but you always make some amazing local friends. And who knows, their friend might be the one!

women from Odessa
During the summer this is a common sight in Odessa.

The Beautiful Beaches of Odessa

Visiting the beaches is a great way to meet girls in Odessa. With the political situation on Crimea, Odessa has quickly been developed into the number one hotspot for foreign and local beach visitors.

Of course you want to know what beaches are popular and where the good spots are?  Let’s find out!

beaches in odessa Ukraine
Overview: Beaches in Odessa (Ukraine)

Lanzheron Beach

The Lanzheron Beach is one of the oldest beaches of Odessa. It is also located closest to the city center and the big port of the city. You do not pay any entrance fee, but if you wish to rent an umbrella and sofa you will need to pay.

Surrounding the beach area you will find some great small local restaurants. If you want to try the Ukrainian cuisine with a nice sea breeze, this is the place to be.

girls in Odessa
The beach might not be the best beach out there, but the Odessa beach girls sure are!

Otrada Beach

Located between Lanzheron and Dolphin Beach, Otrada beach is a beautiful small little beach. It is very popular under the locals, but less with the tourists. The entrance fee is for free and most activities include boat and catamaran rentals, which will allow you to explore the beautiful coastline of the Black Sea.

It is on walking distance from the city center, but there are also several tram and bus services that can take you there. Taxi is around 50 to 75 UAH and takes about 10 minutes to get there. You can access the beach with a cable car!

Dolphin Beach

Dolphin beach (you guessed it) is located right next to the Nemo Dolphinarium. This beach is part of the Nemo Resort and has a big pool and a luxury beachfront for its guests. There are a few small beaches on the side, but if you want the luxury you need to pay for entrance at the hotel reception.

Odessa girls
Nemo beach hotel in Odessa

Caleton Beach

This is my favorite beach. It is not as busy as Arcadia Beach and not so expensive as Dolphin Beach. You will find several nice little beach bars, which provide seats and umbrellas for 200 UAH per person.

The food is great, cheap and very tasteful! They also serve a lot of different cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. A perfect place to relax and meet new people without being overwhelmed by the massive crowds or busy bars.

At Caleton beach I met two beautiful ladies from Odessa. We both visited the beach early and because nobody was there yet it was easy to start a conversation. A few drinks and jokes later and I was hanging out with them for the rest of the week.

Arcadia Beach

From the city center you will need a taxi to get to the famous Arcardia beach. The cost is around 75-100 UAH and it takes about 20 minutes to get there. Once you arrive you will see a big entry sign that says “Arcadia Beach”.

Here is where the boulevard starts and where all kinds of restaurants and activities are present. The activities include a carnaval, water park, gyms, bars and restaurants, but also a lot of nightclubs. If you want to have a good time in the evening, this is the place to be!

How to meet girls in Odessa
Arcadia Beach in Odessa. This is the pIace to be for beachparties and big events.

What beach do I recommend?

It really depends on your situation. If you already met a girl or have some friends then I would highly recommend Caleton Beach. It is a bit more calm, not extremely busy and has a more relaxed vibe to it compared to Arcadia Beach. The perfect please to get to know each other and have some quality time together.

If you still need to meet people then Arcadia Beach is good place to star. They offer so many parties and activities that it would be hard not to meet people there. You can enjoy the lounge clubs during the day, but also have a pretty active nightlife.

The city center of Odessa

I love the old-town of Odessa. I really do! This place is full of beautiful architecture, great shops, top quality restaurants and all for a very affordable price. I always prefer to stay in this area of the city, as the beach hotels/resorts can get very crowded and overall I like the quality of food better in the city center. Also, after a long day sunbathing you might want to experience some Ukrainian culture instead of the beach area.

Especially when you are going out with two beautiful Ukrainian ladies!

Remember: Time to get your A-game on and make sure the night runs smoothly. Don’t worry, it is not as difficult as it looks, but if you need some more tips: Do’s and Don’ts when dating Ukraine women.

Where do you go to eat?

There are many great restaurants and bars in Odessa. You will need to ask your dates what they like to eat and then do your research on where the best restaurants are. Keep in mind that it does not have to be the most expensive or exclusive restaurant, but just make sure it fits your budget. Here are my top 3 restaurants in Odessa.

Steakhouse Odessa

Location: Town Square – Across the McDonald’s
Menu: Click here 

Description: I love a good steak, therefore the Steakhouse Odessa is a logical choice. This restaurant has amazing quality meat for a very affordable price. The decoration is also very suitable for a romantic night out and she will definitely be impressed with your taste for quality. I normally eat here for about 35-40 USD for 2 people, which includes: 2 starters, 2 main courses,  1 side-dish to share, 2 glass of wine, 1 large bottle of water and 1 dessert.

meet girls in odessa
Delicious meat at the Steakhouse Odessa!

Kompot Restaurant

Location: Town Square – Across the McDonald’s – Next to Steakhouse Odessa
Menu: Click here 

Description: This Victorian-styled restaurant is located right next to the steakhouse. Although, I normally get breakfast or lunch here they also have an excellent selections of foods for dining.

They offer a lot of Western dishes, but with a unique twist! I recommend eating the croissant breakfast here as it is simply amazing. It is a little cheaper than Steakhouse Odessa and I spent on average 30-35 USD here for an evening out.  

Salieri Café

Location: Next to Opera House Odessa
Menu: Not available

Description: This cute small British type restaurant is perfect if you just want to relax with a drink and a delicious piece of cheesecake! With an overview over the gardens and the Opera House, it is the perfect place to go after dinner and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is a bit smaller, therefore I do recommend making a reservation as it can get very busy.

odessa nightlife

The Odessa Nightlife – Bars or Nightclubs?

Odessa has a very active and interesting nightlife during the summer months. The city offers a wide variety of activities, including night markets, live music, carnivals, parades and of course nightclubs, strip bars and disco’s.

If you already have a date I would recommend you stick to the more calm activities and make sure you are able to have a conversation. If you are still looking to meet girls in Odessa, the Odessa night clubs and disco’s of Arcadia are the place to be.

Odessa Night Clubs

If you were not lucky to meet new people yet a visit to a Odessa nightclub can definitely increase your chances. Most of the large nightclubs can be found at this popular beach area, but there are also a few in old-town Odessa.

You probably already know how difficult it is to talk to girls in general when you are in a nightclub. Therefore, I recommend you go together with friends or people you met before and just enjoy your time in the club.

It will make you less creepy when standing all alone and you won’t get bored if you have no luck that evening.

Hey, nobody said it was going to be easy, but it is all part of the game after all! 🙂

Best clubs of Odessa

Ibiza Beach Club

Location: Arcadia Beach
Website: http://ibiza.ua/


The Ibiza Beach Club is the most famous nightclub of Odessa. The ant hill shaped bar is entirely outdoor and is located at the and of the boulevard at Arcadia Beach. The large stage has live music, competitions, dancers and much more. If you are looking for well-known artists, DJ’s and others this is the place to be.

It is so popular that it even has its own TV Channel on the local TV, which has a live broadcast in the club. The type of music is mostly house and techno and the stage is always filled with exotic dancers and lot’s if flashy lights and decorations.

Make a reservation beforehand for a table as it can get very busy in the summer months.

Itaka Club Arcadia Beach 

Location: Arcadia Beach
Website: http://www.itaka-club.com.ua/


The Itaka Club is located right next to the Ibiza nightclub and is the 2nd most popular club and a great place to meet girls in Odessa. The club has a Greek style theme that makes you think you are partying on Mouth Olympus between the Greek Gods! It is similar to the Ibiza Nightclub when it comes to the music, amount of people and events during the summer.

Extra Tips To Improve Your Pick Up Game!

Learn Basic Russian – It Only Takes 3 days!

This is the best investment you will ever make. Period!

It is no joke that you increase your chances by at least 80% of picking up that perfect Odessa girl if you speak some basic Russian sentences. It is a real eye opener and ice-breaker when they hear you make an effort and they will love you for it.

Don’t be this cocky Western (..) who thinks his English will be enough and expect all of them to speak it perfectly.

Invest a few USD and learn basic Russian in just 3 days. I loved this method and I got the basics down in just 48-hours. Of course I practiced my skills intenstly with the Ukrainian girls, but they really liked that I made an effort and the course is really easy to follow.

Will you be able to discuss politics Russian? Nope

What about explaining the meaning of life? Hell no!

But you will be able to order food in a restaurant, ask how she is doing, what kind of work, what kind of drink she would like etc etc.

Quick and simple sentences that you use several times per day, instead of boring difficult words you will never use in real-life?

Don’t believe me? I did a university course in Russian and guess what the first word was in the textbook?

I will let you think about it.

It was : Palm tree!

Now when on earth will you ever use the word “Palm tree” in Russia or Ukraine? Exactly!

Therefore, I quit the course after the first day, did my research online and found the Michael Thomas method.

Trust me, it is the best course on the market today!

Dress to Impress girls from Odessa

Make sure you have the right outfit with you when you go on your date. After a nice day on the beach you do not want to show up for your evening date in your board shorts and flip-flops.

You will fail instantly!

Ukrainian girls like fashion, therefore it is important that you have a few nice outfits with you. You can also decide to go shopping with your date as they love to dress you up and show you the latest fashion styles.

odessa girls
If your date shows up like this you better look your best!

Be Prepared – Start Talking to Ukrainian Ladies Right Away!

Till this day I am still surprised to see how many Western men arrive in Ukraine unprepared. It really boggles my mind that a guy would fly 10,000+ miles for just one date.

My recommendation? – Meet at least 5 Odessa girls during a 7 day visit. You can start exploring the city by booking a cheap city-guided tour if you are by yourself or when you like to meet new people.

Why? – You are planning to invest thousands of dollar to fly to the other side of the world. Therefore, you should prepare at least 5 dates before you arrive in a 7 day period.

There will always be delays, no-shows or scammers out there and even if you already meet your dream girl on the first date you can always use the other 4 dates for practice.

I know I know! You are thinking; “Where on earth will I find 5 dates in just 7 days? I can’t even get one in my home-town!”

No worries – I got the solution for you! – And it is called online dating and it is booming in Ukraine!

But how to start the online dating game in Ukraine without being scammed?

I know this is the number one question foreign men ask me by e-mail. After all, nobody wants to invest in a bad deal.

Read my blogpost about how to avoid scamming and the 7 best Ukrainian dating sites here.

And one final tip before we move to the next chapter: Dating Odessa women will be an investment, but fortunately if you follow my advice and the basic steps it will be an investment with great returns!

odessa girls

Set up a free online dating profile

Ukraine Date is one of the best applications and is highly recommended as it was one of the few sites that does requires a double-check when submitting your profile.

That means you will know for sure that all profiles are legit and you won’t be scammed.  Another great benefit is that they offer their services in French & German.

Not sure if the Ukrainian woman you are talking to is real? For just 15 USD I will do a complete profile check!

If you don’t know anybody in Odessa, go check for as many social activities as possible. Ask your hotel receptionist for more details as they know all the hotspots and events of the city.

I highly recommend you do not just try to meet women blindly as your level of success will be very little if you do not speak fluent Russian. It also protects you from any scammers you can encounter during the Odessa nightlife adventures as you will already know the person before you arrive.

Show Me The Single Girls From Odessa!

Final Words

And there you have it! Odessa in Ukraine is an amazing place to hang out during the summer. Make sure you read our other articles about meeting and dating girls from Ukraine, and if you have any questions please leave a comment below and subscribe to our newsletter!

– Thomas

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