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How to Date Business Women & Models From Ukraine

It comes as no surprise that most Ukrainian girls find a career in either recreational or professional modeling or business. Since you have started dating in Ukraine you might be interested to find out how to date business women and models from Ukraine.

If you are aiming to find a girl who has the looks, international experience and intelligence to match your jet-set lifestyle than this blog post is a must-read. In this article I will describe how you can approach and talk to them, but also what the best locations are to meet these women.

models from Ukraine
models from Ukraine


Ukrainian culture combined with model looks

When you are dating models in general there are some rules you will have to understand. The most important rule would be that you can’t expect to pick up a model from Ukraine without making any effort.

A lot of people think that just because they are dating a girl from of foreign country that these girls will be desperate to meet a Western men, but if this is your thinking pattern you are going to fail.. big time! With the uprise of the internet and the approval of Ukraine entering the Schengen Area, many Ukrainian women have become strong and independent business women that can travel all over Europe.

Therefore, if you are not already familiar with the jet set lifestyle yourself I would not bother traveling down this road. Most models and business woman are well-traveled, have experience with other cultures and uphold high dating standards. Therefore, you will have to present similar qualities if you want to have any success in dating them.

Please keep in mind that this does not mean you have to be the next founder of Facebook or Snapchat, but having your ducks in a row with your personal and business life is a must-have if you wish to impress these ladies.

Hang out at the right location

Hanging out at the right location is crucial for making a good impact. Most of the fancy bars and exclusive night clubs are located in the capital city Kiev. Keep in mind that you want to make some contacts before traveling to the Ukraine. If you are already traveling for business then you can attend business seminars or conferences of doing business in Ukraine. You can also already start looking on free online dating sites or finding the right dating agency to help you out.

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Girls from Kiev

How to approach a model or business woman

You might think that you will have little to no chance when approaching a ukrainian model, but you would be surprised on how much the odds are actually in your favor.

Most succesful woman are worshipped almost 24/7 and rightfully so, but keep in mind that with everything in life, an excess of something becomes boring. This also includes the constant worshipping by men, but here is where you can make a difference!

Now this might be a weird piece of advice, but you should act like you are not impressed with her. Really? Yes, don’t act impressed, but do show that you are curious about her. You see, it is human nature that people love to share information about themselves and everybody is guilty of this habitat.

So when you show a good interest, make sure you capitalize on the information she is giving you and provide new interesting subjects to talk about based on that information.


She: “Today was such a hectic day with the upcoming holidays and trying to combine the time with my modeling work.”

You: “Yes, I understand. I experienced the same thing with my work, but when I started doing Yoga I really became more organized and relaxed. Have you tried this already?”

etc etc..

Don’t be afraid to walk away

Listen, there are going to be times that you will not be succesful. It is part of the dating game. But you have to make sure you know when is the right time to walk away. Just because she is pretty does not mean you will instantly have a connection with her.

She might be so used to men worshipping her that she is not a very nice person on the inside. If you notice any unpleasant behavior it is time to walk away. The gesture will show that you have great standards and might actually help you turn the tables as you are not sucking up to her like all the other guys.

models from ukraine

Show her an amazing time. Not your wallet

Keep in mind that she already has money. Most business women and models from Ukraine make good money and if you try to impress her with fancy dinners and travels you will probably not get you very far. And if you do, then you have to think if this is the right girls for you.

Go out to a special occasion, cook a meal yourself, do something truly unique and don’t be afraid to make it low-budget. It is all about being special. Go one a Salsa lesson,visit to the astronomy station at night or a romantic walk through the park will not cost you a fortune. It will make a great impact though!