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Girls of Ukraine – Seven Signs You’re In Love With Them!


Girls of Ukraine – Seven Signs You’re In Love With Them!.

Isn’t love an amazing thing? If you ever dated girls of Ukraine you will instantly recognize these seven signs. It is funny how accurate these statements are and if you ever experience them for yourself, do let me know!

1. You can’t stop talking about her

Yes, we all understand! You finally found  that amazing Ukrainian girl who is beautiful, speaks good English, has you learning Russian and is overall just an amazing woman. Now you might be keen to keep talking about her 24/7, but keep in mind that you might make some people very jealous of your new romance!

girls of ukraine
Girls of Ukraine

2. You check her photo’s and video’s every 5 minutes

Ok, you checked first if it really is her on the pictures, but once it is confirmed..oh boy! Be prepared to grab your phone every five minutes to pinch yourself. In the famous words of Mr. Freddie Mercury of the famous band “Queen“:

Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

No worries, welcome to Ukraine my friend!

girls of ukraine
Flowers are miracle workers!

3. You forget about your ex almost instantly

Wait.. who?

4. You want to know everything about them

You check your watch: “Sh*t, it is already 3 AM and I am still having a blast talking to this girl.” Yes, we all get to this stage when we are in love and with the girls from Ukraine it is no different. Once you get talking, you will notice instantly that she will be asking you a lot of questions and show genuine interest in you. Just make sure you don’t make any mistakes by following this important guideline.

5. Your friends are jealous as f*ck!

Because let’s be honest. Guys will be guys, and showing of our pretty girlfriend is something we all like to do. And when you are in love you will also notice instantly that you talk about them in a very kind and respectful way. They are just that awesome to hang out with. Just get ready for the million “Mail-order bride” jokes they will certainly make!

girls of ukraine
Hmm.. I am not paying any attention. Must have been some amazing foodmenu!

6. You are already planning your next holiday together

Planning an interesting christmas holiday in Lviv? Or how about summer stay in the beautiful Odessa? Don’t be surprised if you are already planning you next holiday, because Ukraine has a lot to offer. Visit the beautiful city of Lviv in the winter and enjoy the christmas spirit. If the beaches are more your thing, then go to Odessa. And who knows? She might wear that amazing looking bikini just for you!

That reminds me. Time to hit the gym, buddy!

girls of ukraine

7. You want to kick yourself in the head!

Why, because you should have done this a long time ago! But there is still time! Go ahead and check out the rest of my blog and learn all you need to know to meet these amazing people. You will not regret it!